By EW Staff
Updated July 25, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Summer Rental: Kobal Collection

Summer vacation movies: ”Summer Rental”

WHAT IT’S ABOUT After flipping out at his job as an air traffic controller, Jack Chester (John Candy, pictured with Karen Austin) takes a mandatory vacation with his family to Florida. After some plans go awry, they end up squatting in a house located along one of the main paths to the beach.

WHY WE LOVE IT Anyone who’s ever had a terrible family vacation can appreciate the Chesters’ ability to make the best of a bad situation. How can you not be enamored by the Chesters’ tenacity when, after the fancy seafood eatery runs out of lobster, they settle for ”Scully’s Special” (a.k.a. frozen fish sticks) from a decrepit boat restaurant?

FUN FACT Summer Rental was little Joey Lawrence’s big-screen debut.