Chevy Chase, National Lampoon's Vacation | Whether you're a parent or a kid, this is probably the way you really remember the family road trip: as a Sisyphean obstacle course and…
Credit: National Lampoon's Vacation: Everett Collection

Summer vacation movies: ”National Lampoon’s Vacation”

WHAT IT’S ABOUT The Griswolds — dad Clark (Chevy Chase), mom Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), and kids Rusty (Anthony Michael Hall) and Audrey (Dana Barron) — travel cross-country to the theme park Wally World. Of course, it turns into the road trip from hell.

WHY WE LOVE IT It’s hilarious watching the disasters mount up: an aunt dies, a hot blonde (Christie Brinkley) gets Clark in hot water, Clark launches the station wagon through a ”Road Closed” sign and into the desert (pictured), the family runs out of money… Seriously, we could go on for days.

FUN FACT A young Jane Krakowski plays Cousin Vicki, who tries to seduce Rusty.

National Lampoon's Vacation
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