What’s weirder?

A) Ricky Martin wanting to become a spokesperson for Arab youth?

B) Huey Lewis (left) joining the cast of Broadway’s Chicago as hotshot attorney Billy Flynn?

C) A woman posing as Jessica Simpson’s assistant, CaCee Cobb, getting busted for scoring $12,000 in goodies?

I’ve got to go with A. I mean, Huey already proved his acting chops in Duets, while the New Jersey con artist’s story is more sad than strange (if you’re going to trick companies into sending you free samples — you might not want the delivery to come straight to your home address). But as for Ricky, while I’m sure his intentions are good, I don’t recall a chapter on shaking one’s bon-bon in my international relations textbook back in college.

addCredit(“Huey Lewis: Erica Echenberg / Redferns / Retna”)