Where to find the funniest ''dotcomedies'' -- Tune in and turn online to see these four hilarious Web-only series

CAT NEWS Before her on-air meltdown (a self-cancellation staged by creator Julie Klausner), Smiley Muffin the Cat was Channel 102’s furry answer to Bill O’Reilly. Smiley’s journalistic skill was limited only by her 15-second attention span. Her report on ”other cats” (”What’s their deal?”) remains a classic.

GEMBERLING This Tron-like saga of programmer Ken Gemberling — sucked into the Internet due to a beer-spillage mishap — continues on Channel 102. Creators John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn got Rob Corddry (The Daily Show) to don white ”cyber” tights and guest-star as Journey’s Steve Perry.

THE JOGGER A single-shot wonder that inexplicably didn’t make it past pilot, The Jogger tells of a hero who solves crimes, saves lives, and finds love… without interrupting his jog. Jogger and camera keep moving throughout the episode — no cuts. Neither 101 nor 102 viewers voted to give it a slot. Recount!

COMPUTERMAN Channel 101 cofounder Dan Harmon created this now-canceled buddy adventure about a man and his anthropomorphized PC (Jack Black, in diaper and monitor). Its crossover with 101’s other early sci-fi hit, Time Belt, was the channel’s first instance of synergy.