Adrian Grenier, Entourage
Credit: Entourage: Claudette Barius

Am I the only Entourage fan who thinks that the show’s protagonist, Vincent Chase, is a bit of a void, personality-wise? Every week, he’s upstaged by his colorful crew; there’s a reason, I guess, that the show is called Entourage and not Young Hollywood Heartthrob. Thankfully, unlike his character, Adrien Grenier (left) has personality to spare. He’s all over the Web today, most notably in an interview in the New York Daily News where he offers advice to Colin Farrell over the sex tape that the Alexander star is fighting to suppress. ”Let it all hang out, bro!” says Grenier, who suggests that’s what he’d do in Farrell’s place. ”I can’t wait till the s— that I did in my past comes out. Because I’m curious — I don’t even remember it! A blast from the past.” Scandal, schmandal.

The occasion for the interview was a reportedly standing-room-only gig by the Honey Brothers, the glam-rock/Hawaiian ukulele music combo for which Grenier plays drums under the nom de rock Fluffer Honey. USA Today’s Hip Clicks blog links to the band’s website and its new MySpace page, where you can stream several tracks. It’s good to know that, if HBO hadn’t just renewed Entourage for a supersized new season, Grenier would have something to fall back on. Maybe E, Turtle, and Drama could work the lights and sell T-shirts.

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