Second Generation

King Lear meets the Asian diaspora to a drum-and-bass beat in Second Generation. Originally a two-part miniseries broadcast on Britain’s Channel 4, this Neil Biswas-penned social saga shows the grown kids of Indian immigrants coping with their parents’ leftover sins while navigating between Western lifestyles and Eastern roots. It’s as melodramatic as a Bollywood flick, but features London’s Brick Lane as its setting, club tracks (instead of corny love songs), and much randier behavior. It’s certainly nice to see Parminder Nagra do more than bend it like Beckham as the rebellious youngest daughter of an entrepreneurial, ailing factory owner (Om Puri), but Christopher Simpson as the DJ trying to capture her heart is too much the pinup. Still, this offers U.S. audiences a smart, soapy wallow in a scene with which we’re mostly unfamiliar. EXTRAS Production notes, cast profiles, reviews of key albums in the Asian Underground movement.

Second Generation
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