Q&A with ''3rd Rock'' star John Lithgow -- The former alien commander discusses working with Jane Curtin and co-star French Stewart's squinting

Now that 3rd Rock From the Sun: Season 1 has finally landed on DVD, we subjected Lithgow (a.k.a. otherworldly emissary Dick Solomon) to an alien probe.

Have you seen the DVD?

I can’t get enough. It’s like my own private reunion episode!

Did you enjoy sparring with Jane Curtin, your love interest?

Dick Solomon is a tennis ball and needs a hard surface to bounce off. Boy, is Jane ever a hard surface; she hit it back harder than I hit it to her.

So did fellow alien French Stewart ever open his eyes?

He couldn’t do the role without squinting, but he was so funny, everyone decided, ”Let’s have a squinty character.”

War of the Worlds. . .3rd Rock. . .it’s an alien invasion!

The X-Files was a big hit, and that was the best thing for us. When people are taking something extremely seriously, that’s the time to take out the pig’s bladder.