The Jerk


Back before Steve Martin churned out heartwarming comedic treacle like Father of the Bride Part II, he earned leading-man status in this un-PC classic directed by Carl Reiner. The Jerk‘s threadbare plot follows the brilliantly convoluted story of Navin Johnson (Martin) as he discovers his ”special purpose” with lady love Marie (Burnadette Peters), flees a killer with a creepy phone-book fetish, and makes (then loses) millions by inventing the defective ”Opti-grab,” a grip for eyeglasses that’s the movie’s best sight gag?literally. EXTRAS There’s a ukulele tutorial taught by doe-eyed flapper Janet Klein and amusing new footage expanding on the film’s famous cat-juggling scene (now featuring the banned sport of plant abusing!) from Father Carlos Las Vegas De Cordova. But the Anniversary Edition never produces Reiner or the wild-and-crazy Martin — a pretty jerky thing to do.

The Jerk
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