''Entourage'' is the male ''Sex and the City'' -- The parallels between the HBO shows are unmistakable

In the right light, Entourage‘s Turtle looks strikingly like Kim Cattrall. Okay, maybe not, but in its second season, the Hollywood satire has come into its own. . .as the straight male Sex and the City. While HBO has wisely avoided marketing Entourage as a Sex replacement, the parallels are uncanny: A quartet of single friends talk frankly about the opposite sex, compare conquests, and acquire designer goods. They may not swap stories over flan and cosmos, but they do a kind of girl talk at the Playboy Mansion or Barneys — Sex haunts, too. Plus, they support each other, albeit in a slap-on-the-back kind of way. While one-night stands come and go, both shows rarely stray from the foursome and their lasting bond. Is Entourage consciously aping its East Coast sister? We don’t care either way — we’ll take Sex any way we can get it.

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