No, really. In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, senior writer Karen Valby crunched the numbers and discovered that, since her 2001 debut, the now 11-year-old Dakota Fanning may have become the top female box office draw in Hollywood. In her four-year career, Fanning’s films have grossed $647 million, compared to $586 million for Julia Roberts, $497 million for Nicole Kidman, $338 million for Reese Witherspoon, and $295 million for Sandra Bullock over the same period. (Take out Tomcats and Sweet Home Alabama, in which Fanning had cameos, and her seven-film total is still an impressive $513 milion.) The preternaturally mature, scary-eyed moppet takes her box office drawing power in stride, telling Valby: ”I don’t think that’s really for me to worry about, but it’s exciting when people tell you that they really like a movie, because that’s what we strive for.” Don’t worry that Fanning’s success will turn her into a diva; at the War of the Worlds junket, she told me she doesn’t even get an allowance.

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