We’ve had to wait eons for Footballers Wives to make its way to BBC America, so it’s only fair that the Brits are just now getting their first peek at ABC’s addictive Lost. Still, our friends across the pond have scored an added bonus that U.S. audiences were deprived of: a mighty peculiar trailer for the show directed by David LaChapelle (Rize, Christina Aguilera’s ”Dirrty” video, a similar promo for Desperate Housewives when it debuted in the U.K. in January), that features the cast dancing around the wreckage of Flight 815 to the mournful strains of Portishead. I’m not sure it’s the best showcase for Lost‘s spine-tingling brand of drama, but I will say this: If Yunjin Kim or Dominic Monaghan have any spare time on their next summer vacation, they might consider spending it on their network’s other Wednesday-night sensation, Dancing With the Stars.

What do you think of the British Lost promo?

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