What’s weirder?

A) American Idol Carrie Underwood singing Hershey’s jingles?

B) Clay Aiken’s children’s charity getting slammed by critics?

C) Or New York’s Daily News shaming Kelly Clarkson for ”muffin top” fashion violations?

I can handle the Underwood news; if we’re being honest, KitKat’s ”Gimme a break” theme is lyrically and melodically superior to ”Inside Your Heaven.” And frankly, running and staffing a charity costs money, so let’s cut Clay some slack. But the Clarkson kerfuffle? I’ve gotta ask the Daily News, do the women, heck, the people, of America need this kind of reporting? If the totally svelte Clarkson can’t live up to your exacting Body Mass Index standards, then why the heck haven’t I caved to the bag of Combos that appeared in our office vending machine this afternoon? Sheesh!

What’s weirder to you? All must be revealed, people!

addCredit(“Kelly Clarkson: AP”)