A new list by the British Film Institute of the all-time top 50 films for kids is either cause for celebration — see, you don’t have to feel guilty about using the DVD player as a babysitter! — or despair. After all, if your kid hasn’t seen all 50 of these classics of world cinema by age 14, as the BFI recommends, is she doomed to a life of cinematic illiteracy? Sure, the list includes movies you’d show your kid anyway (E.T., Finding Nemo, The Wizard of Oz). But while a movie like Where Is the Friends’ House?, by master Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, is indeed a worthy classic for kids and grownups alike, try prying your youngster away from the Xbox long enough to watch a movie in Farsi with subtitles.

How would your list of the best kids’ movies ever made differ from this one?