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”The Wedding Singer” and ”Old School” made our list of the best and worst movie weddings

THE BLESSED EVENT In Old School, the wedding of Frank (Will Ferrell) and Marissa (Perrey Reeves) is full of omens that Frank will soon join his pals Mitch (Luke Wilson) and Bernard (Vince Vaughn) in reverting to his bachelor, fratboy lifestyle. In The Wedding Singer, it’s a typical reception at a New Jersey catering hall where Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler, left) regularly performs, until…

WHAT’S THE HITCH? Robbie, despondent and bitter over being jilted at the altar by his own fiancée, weeps through his performance and depresses the guests with a loudmouthed rant about the futility of love, climaxing in a rage-fueled rendition of J. Geils Band’s ”Love Stinks.” The wedding sabotage by the Old School crooner (Dan Finnerty, right) is subtler: As he sings Bonnie Tyler’s maudlin ballad ”Total Eclipse of the Heart,” he casually and repeatedly slips the F-word into the lyrics.

EW MOVIE GRADE B- (Wedding Singer); C+ (Old School)

Old School

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