James Doohan, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Credit: James Doohan: Kobal Collection
Star Trek: The Original Series

I’m as rabid a Trekker as the next guy (unless the next guy is one of my EW officemates), and I’ve been known to trot out my Scotty imitation (”We kinna goo inny faster, Captain!”) at inopportune moments (admit it, so have you). But there were some things that even I didn’t know about James Doohan, who died today at age 85:

– His middle name was Montgomery, which, of course, was USS Enterprise engineer Scott’s first name.
– He fathered a child at age 79, joining Saul Bellow and Tony Randall in the it’s-never-too-late club.
– He parodied his Star Trek character in a recurring role as a grumpy engineer on UPN’s notorious ’90s sitcom Homeboys in Outer Space.
– He received an honorary doctorate from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1993. ”I was awfully good in math,” he explained.

So raise your glass of Saurian brandy, and toast him here. For somewhere, I am certain, James Doohan is beaming.

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