Which of these quotes is the most unintentionally revealing?

A) ”If fighting is a sign of divorce, then we’re all going to get divorced. My wife and I have been married 27 years. We’ve been at the edge of divorce for 26 of them.” — Stage Papa Joe Simpson, insisting that Nick and Jessica’s marriage isn’t in trouble

B) ”Oh, God. Carla’s t–s are much bigger than mine.” — Paula Marshall, on how to distinguish her from fellow brunette Carla Gugino, who’s also starring on a CBS show this fall

C) ”Andy Warhol? You know? We’re way beyond that. Everyone is entitled and demanding and insisting on their 15 minutes of fame, and they don’t care what for. Everyone can be famous now. For what, I don’t know.” —The Comeback‘s Lisa Kudrow, on reality TV

Hmm. This is a tougher choice than it appears. Sure, Kudrow’s quote seems to unintentionally reveal a complaint that more people are interested in reality TV than in her sitcom about reality TV (last week’s audience: 786,000). Marshall’s quote seems to indicate a combination of self-mockery and resignation. But I have to give the edge to Stage Papa Joe, who acknowledges in the above interview that his daughter and son-in-law have fought to the point where each has contemplated leaving the other. Nonetheless, the extended Simpson-Lachey family resolves their differences, Stage Papa Joe says, because ”We stick together. So we laugh together. We cry together. We drink together. We frolic naked in the woods together, sacrificing small animals to Pan, the Goat God.” Okay, I made that last bit up, but not the laughing, crying, and drinking.

addCredit(“Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson : Carlos Diaz/ /NewsCom”)