EW gauges reality TV bosses' boiling points -- From Kathy Hilton to Dave Navarro, we measure their temper and point out their weaknesses
Credit: Hell's Kitchen: R. Sebree

EW gauges reality TV bosses’ boiling points

If this summer’s reality TV is any indication, Donald Trump’s greatest achievement is…inspiring those who purport to be at the top of their game to indulge in shameless self-promotion by reigning over wannabes. But even the most poised publicity hound has a breaking point. EW gauges how angry these figureheads become under pressure.

Image credit: Blow Out: Chris Haston

Jonathan Antin

Blow Out

Angry TV Host: Jonathan Antin

Method Hairstylist to the stars (does Lisa Rinna count?) Antin goads long-suffering employees into attracting more business by whining and dining them.

Weakness A delusional sense of self-importance, an inexplicably short fuse, and an incessant need to profess his heterosexuality — you’re just a hairdresser, bro.

Temper, temper! Antin invites the smartass designing his product line to take it outside. And they do, where Antin punches…a door.

Image credit: I Want to Be a Hilton: Craig Blankenhorn

Kathy Hilton

I Want to Be a Hilton

Angry TV Host – Kathy Hilton

Method With the-lights-are-on-but-no-one’s-home charisma, Hilton lets her lifestyle — and her ratings-grabbing daughters — do the talking.

Weakness As the mother of hellion/socialite Paris, Kathy unintentionally imbues her etiquette lessons (subjects include culture and modesty) with a certain je ne sais wha?

Temper, temper! Hilton is unfazed by contestant Ann’s tendency to belt out tunes, but gets testy over her ”beauty queen” answers.

Image credit: Kept: James Quinton/Wireimage.com

Jerry Hall


Angry TV Host – Jerry Hall

Method Model Hall dahlings and fabulouses while her librarianatrix assistant humiliates potential man-slaves with ice-cold Speedo-dipping and freestyle dancing.

Weakness Mirror-hogging pretty boys Ricardo and Slavco, whose narcissism rivaled Jerry’s, were more interesting than La Hall. Now that they’re gone, Kept is losing its thrall.

Temper, temper! Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex, is shocked to see Jason kissing another lady. There’s no sympathy for this devil, who gets axed.

Image credit: Hell’s Kitchen: R. Sebree

Gordon Ramsay

Hell’s Kitchen

Angry TV Host –

Method Like the Hulk — only with a flair for risotto — F-bombing U.K. chef Ramsay leaves a path of carnage wherever he roams among his trainees.

Weakness It’s hard to understand why folks would take crap from a little-known chef who’s from the place that invented haggis. Plus, the dude cooks pigeons. Pigeons!

Temper, temper! Our favorite: a verbal smackdown with Southern gent Dewberry. Or perhaps we just like saying ”Dewberry.”

Image credit: Rock Star: Monty Brinton

Dave Navarro

Rock Star: INXS

Angry TV Host – Dave Navarro

Method Jane’s Addiction’s Navarro plays camp counselor and critic to singers competing to replace late INXS singer Michael Hutchence.

Weakness Ironically, back in the ’90s, Navarro replaced a band member in the Red Hot Chili Peppers — and after only a few years they went back to one of their former guitarists.

Temper, temper! No signs of strife yet. And if Navarro wants to maintain his rock-star status, he better keep cool.

Image credit: The Cut: Craig Blankenhorn

Tommy Hilfiger

The Cut

Angry TV Host – Tommy Hilfiger

Method Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Ever the entrepreneur, designer Hilfiger refines his own tough-love-dad method of boring protégés into submission.

Weakness We get a bellyache giggling when Tommy boots off dubiously talented wannabes (arm candy Vlada, disco expert Chris) with a sassy ”You’re out of style!”

Temper, temper! Contestant Princess recites an erotic poem to the horror of Hamptons-goers and gets a talking-to from Tommy.