Oh, Jon Stewart, how could you do this to us? You go away for a week, come back with a new set, and it suddenly looks like you’ve taken up residence on the holodeck of the starship Enterprise. I know the new digs are spacious and high-tech, and I know the old studio was cramped (I’ve been at Daily Show tapings there, where I and 99 others would be crammed in like subway passengers), but this new set? Feh. I’m not alone; outrage is building across the Internet, to the point where there’s even a new blog, Bring Back the Couch, devoted to the comfy old loveseat where you used to interview guests, which you have replaced with a cold, corporate conference table that cuts off your guests below the thorax. At least you’ve toned down the annoyingly busy graphics on those new screens behind you that made it look like words were streaming out of your head. Still, Jon, we watch your show for the jokes, for the satire, for your raised-eyebrow reaction shots, not to be distracted by the set’s design elements. Remember, dude, you’re Jon Stewart, not Martha Stewart.