If Anthony Anderson and Kenan Thompson aren’t already arm-wrestling over the lead role in the just-announced Notorious B.I.G. biopic, they should be. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of casting to be done. For example, someone needs to play P. Diddy (he could play himself, but for the sake of poetic justice, the role should go to Sting). As Lil’ Kim: Paula Jai Parker, who talks tough (and wears very little clothing) in this week’s Hustle & Flow. As Faith Evans: Regina King (after seeing her in Ray, I’m convinced that there should be a part for her in every musical biopic). As Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace: the redoubtable Irma P. Hall (The Ladykillers). Finally, for the sake of dramatic conflict, someone needs to play Tupac. I say if he can record albums from beyond the grave, he can play himself as well. Just sample his voice (ooh, how fitting!) and digitize his likeness into the picture, a la the late Laurence Olivier in Sky Captain last year.

Can you do better? Of course you can. Suggestions, please.

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