Who’s the most popular movie star on the Internet? Apparently, it’s Billy Boyd. How else to explain the overwhelming support for Pippin shown by the fans who picked the nominees for’s second annual Movie Site Awards? The comic-relief hobbit (you know, the one who isn’t Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, or Dominic Monaghan) is nominated both for his own official website, which was a winner in last year’s vote, but also for the fan site Boydism, which is an almost content-free single page that leads to a webring of similarly unimpressive Boyd fan sites. The awards rules say that nominated sites must be associated with an actor, actress, director, or movie title that had a theatrical release since October 2004 (Boyd qualifies via his voice work in last winter’s Seed of Chucky), and that’s editors reviewed all the nominations, but did anyone really look at these sites and decide that these are some of the best on the Web?

Overall, Peter Jackson and his hobbits are well-represented among the nominees, as are Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, and actors and actresses whose names begin with J. You can vote for your favorite among the finalists at until Sept. 14. Or you can gripe that your favorites were omitted (links, please) here at PopWatch for as long as you like.