Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season

Welcome to the O.C. No, not that O.C. That’s, like, totally fake. This is MTV’s fun and frothy reality soap version of what actually goes on in Orange County — which apparently includes hooking up, shopping, and more hooking up. And school? Well, we never see the Laguna teens in school, but they are well educated in subjects like gossiping, surfing, and bar dancing (as evidenced by a fateful spring-break trip to Cabo). Entertaining but empty, Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season is the TV equivalent of a summer beach read. EXTRAS The bonus features are as flat as a Hilary Duff tune (which, incidentally, serves as the show’s theme song): forgettable music videos from groups like Jag Star and the Pills, a Cribs-style visit to LC’s gi-normous house, and a seemingly endless cache of deleted scenes — all pretty much pointless, except for the fight between Trey and a midget. Surprisingly funny and very surreal.