John O'Hurley, Dancing With the Stars
Credit: John O'Hurley: Bob D'Amico

Still smarting (or exulting) over Kelly Monaco’s win on Dancing With the Stars? Those of you who think the fix was in, and those of you who think she won on merit, will both find ammunition in this Chicago Tribune article, which reveals that Kelly’s victory was a foregone conclusion going into the finale — because she’d already killed on the audience vote. Still, exec producer Conrad Green says, ABC did not put its thumb on the scale to help the General Hospital star, and the judges each gave Monaco a perfect 10 without consulting each other. Next time, though, Green thinks it’d be better to do the voting American Idol style, so that viewers aren’t voting on last week’s performances. Gee, ya think?

By the way, don’t cry for second-place hoofer John O’Hurley. His Dancing-fueled rise from Seinfeld footnote to Big TV Star has resulted in a deal for him to have his own celebreality show. The series, which will follow him around on his daily routine (including his duties with the real-life J. Peterman company) promises to make use of his now-familiar improv comedy skills — or what, in the days before digital camcorders, was called ”a quick wit.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the celebrity/dance/reality universe, looks like Paula Abdul will appear after all on So You Think You Can Dance. The choreographer will be some sort of roving reporter/ambassador of dance, who’ll teach large groups of ordinary folks how to boogie. Variety states the obvious and notes that ABC’s scandalmongering a couple months ago hasn’t hurt her career. Well, not unless Corey Clark shows up at the dance lesson.

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