Roger Dodger (2002)
Credit: Roger Dodger: Everett Collection

Roger Swanson is one of the 10 worst movie mentors

WHO IS HE? Fast-talking New York adman and self-styled seduction expert Roger Swanson (Campbell Scott) is stuck chaperoning his virginal 16-year-old nephew Nick (Jesse Eisenberg, right); Roger gives himself one night to teach the kid about picking up women.

BAD INFLUENCE Roger is misogynist, duplicitous, bitter, and jaded. He forces Nick to take up smoking and drinking. Plus, his seduction technique — breaking down women’s egos by pointing out their flaws and hangups — has a success rate of about zero.

REDEEMING QUALITIES He’s also smart, charismatic, and not entirely without a soul. Nick does blossom under Roger’s tutelage — albeit learning that his uncle is an example of what not to do.

EW MOVIE GRADE B+ (Read the review)

Roger Dodger
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  • 105 minutes