Which is your favorite quote?

A) ”The moment you put a woman in an evening gown mowing the lawn, it’s just gay.” Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives

B) ”I must admit that doing ‘Trapped [in the Closet],’ I did not know my writing skills could go to such a depth — then high, then sideways. My mother used to tell me, ‘Boy, your elevator goes sideways.’ I’m starting to believe her.” —R. Kelly, discussing his 10-part urban opera/video.

C) ”The Swan was a worthless piece of television, I’m sad to say I produced. Those women were left sort of looking like cheap hookers and sent back to their small towns. I’m really interested to see what has happened to them. I think the follow-up will be more interesting than the original.” —David Lyle, GM of Fox Reality Channel.

Who wins the Quote of the Day honors? You make the call.