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Credit: Comic Con: Albert L. Ortega/

Aptly enough for an event that has become Hollywood marketers’ 800-pound gorilla, Comic-Con got a surprise visit from the cast of King Kong (from left, Jack Black, Naomi Watts, and Adrien Brody). They were among the many actors, directors, and studio folk who courted the fanboy demographic at the annual San Diego event, which has become the Sundance of genre-film teasers.

Some of the most extensive coverage of Comic-Con — who said what, how the early footage looks, audio interviews — is posted at Among the tidbits:

-Mentor king Liam Neeson will voice the messianic lion Aslan in this winter’s The Chronicles of Narnia.

Superman Returns, which director Bryan Singer says will be primarily a love story, will integrate sonic elements from the 1978 movie, including John Williams’ musical theme and Marlon Brando’s voice as Superman’s father.

-Natalie Portman was hesitant to praise or condemn the suddenly prescient terrorist violence committed by the rebellious Londoner who’s the protagonist of V for Vendetta, but she did say, ”I think overall that it’s pretty bad to cause harm to other human beings.”

-Director Darren Aronofsky played 10 minutes of footage from The Fountain, showing Hugh Jackman traveling back and forth in time. Viewers were understandably confused.

Serenity‘s Joss Whedon is a Harry Potter fan. A conventiongoer spotted him buying the new book and learned that his favorite character is Hermione.

Which of these upcoming movies are you excited to see?

Comic Con: Albert L. Ortega/