Reviewing the first Gay and Lesbian network -- We tell you why Logo is failing, even if it does have great documentaries

Reviewing the first Gay and Lesbian network

For a network geared to a rainbow-flag-waving audience, Logo, the first major gay and lesbian channel, is surprisingly drab. Since its June 30 debut, Logo’s original programming has played like TLC’s sloppy seconds. First Comes Love, a wedding-planning reality series hosted by Kids in the Hall‘s Scott Thompson, has sweet moments but feels dated. Round Trip Ticket, a travelogue with Big Brother‘s Will Wikle, confirms that — brace yourself — there are gay people all over the world. That Logo is a sister network to MTV makes this lack of gaiety all the more disappointing — and perplexing. Rounding it out are previously released movies ranging from sublimely schlocky and poorly edited (Showgirls) to resoundingly bad (Flawless). Note to execs: Just because a film has a gay character does not qualify it as filler for your network. Luckily, there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow: Logo’s documentary slate. This week, on original series Real Momentum, an elderly lesbian couple discusses coming out; and docs like Wigstock and Paragraph 175 add weight and prestige. C+