Our critics weigh in on Linklater -- Lisa and Owewn give their take on Richard's diverse oeuvre

Dazed and Confused On the last day of high school, the rebel-jock stoners of Linklater’s great growing-up-in-the-’70s ensemble film hang out into the night, and the shaggy glory of the movie is the way it invites us to hang out with them, reveling in their free ride. It’s the one teen movie worthy of comparison to Robert Altman. School of Rock Linklater took a concept fit for Adam Sandler (slacker-out-of-water teaches fifth graders how to rock) and turned it into a joyful comedy of pop fandom, driven by Jack Black’s ecstatic riff of a performance.

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset A film about a young couple talking all night in Vienna, followed nearly a decade later by a film about the same couple, talking all day in Paris = the most beguiling dramas of conversation since My Dinner With Andre. Waking Life Another glittering torrent of words and thoughts and ideas — I love how Linklater loves talk, in all its leaps and lulls — with the added dazzle of the filmmaker’s brilliant, avant-garde experiment in video animation.

Before Sunrise
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