Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight
Credit: Christopher Knight and Adrienne Curry: AP

What’s weirder?

A) VH1’s new reality series, My Fair Brady, the network’s second spinoff about former Surreal Life roommates-turned lovers, this time focusing on a couple that’s slightly less disturbing than Flava Flav and Brigitte ”Red Sonja” Nielsen. The new duo: Christopher Knight (TV’s Peter Brady) and former America’s Next Top Model Adrianne Curry (left), some 25 years his junior.

B) Britney & Kevin: Chaotic coming to DVD, presumably so the internationally abhorred UPN series can flop in a second format.

C) Game Show Network’s proposed new 2006 series, Wet, in which contestants will engage in water-logged battle not only each other, but also highly competitive dolphins.

D) The revelation that a reality show contestant (the secretive gynecologist from ABC’s addictive Hooking Up) might have a scandalous past.

My vote goes to Wet. I know some people would jump through hoops to get on TV, but me, I’d only step to a dolphin on dry ground.

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