MOVIES Brendan Fraser has lined up two post-Crash projects: He’ll costar with Michael Keaton in The Last Time, a drama about two salesmen fighting over a woman, and he’ll star in the seedier Journey to the End of the Night, writer-director Eric Eason’s (Manito) thriller about a father and son fighting over a woman. ”The father has to unload a red suitcase filled with a substance that ain’t baby powder, and the son clearly has something invested in that situation as well,” Fraser says. ”It would be illegal to do the kind of research I’d have to do.”. . .Fraser’s Crash costar Ryan Phillippe, along with Adam Beach (Windtalkers) and Deal Report crush Jesse Bradford (Happy Endings), could collectively be the next Hilary Swank — Clint Eastwood has cast them in his Flags of Our Fathers. They’ll play the guys in that famous photo of U.S. soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima, in an adaptation of James Bradley’s book. Crash writer-director Paul Haggis is writing the script. Bradford is trying not to get starstruck: ”Once I finish the movie, I can start daydreaming about how good it’s going to be.”. . .Sarah Jessica Parker is producing and starring in the movie version of Rebecca Gilman’s play Spinning Into Butter, about a college dean and a racial hate crime. . . .Hollywood is tackling Sept. 11. Oliver Stone is working on an untitled film for Paramount, starring Nicolas Cage as a Port Authority police officer rescued from the World Trade Center. Shattered Glass writer-director Billy Ray is adapting the book 102 Minutes. ABC is planning its own Sept. 11 miniseries.

TELEVISION Forget the stuffy courtrooms of The Practice — Lara Flynn Boyle is taking over Las Vegas‘ Montecito Casino. She’s joining NBC’s Sin City romp as the new boss who takes care of business her own way. ”She has the same pulse as characters you’ve seen me play, but without the corporate babysitter,” she explains. ”I grew up loving the Rat Pack, and there was always one dame who hung out with all the guys. That’s what I wanted to play.”