On ''Big Brother,'' the secret partnerships are revealed: As Ashlea gets evicted, we learn of some surprising friendships and strange bedfellows
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Big Brother

”Big Brother”: The secret partnerships are bared

Curses that Eric is the new head of household! I was hoping someone else would win so Eric and Rachel could be put up for eviction next week. Damn if those two aren’t suddenly drunk with power!

Let’s start earlier in the week with Rachel and the crazy golden room. I can understand why she may have wanted to keep the secret at first (the room could have been chock-full o’ cash and prizes, after all!), but did she have to lord it over the guests later? And how about her lame explanation to Julie that she delayed the news because she didn’t want everyone to make a ”mad dash” to the room like they were a bunch of kids? Who suddenly made her den mother?

And then there’s Eric, who inexplicably ripped Kaysar a new one for advising Michael to tone down his relationship with Jennifer, for fear it may break the secret dude alliance. Kaysar’s actions were harmless, particularly since Michael’s interaction with Jen has nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with copping a feel. Why did Eric come unglued when he learned Kaysar was starting to play the game (and possibly save himself from eviction)? Maybe because muscle boy wants to call the shots?

Otherwise, seems like a wise decision for the boys to stick together, given the female-male ratio, though it’ll be interesting to see how far Kaysar, Eric, Michael, and James will go now that we know two of them are secretly aligned with gals. Bravo for Maggie for figuring out that everybody in the house had a partner. (I knew she was a smarty-pants!) It’ll only be a matter of time before the rest of the house comes to the same conclusion (though I have my doubts about how quick it will dawn on Jennifer, who says things like ”egocentrical”).

I’d say more about this twist, but it has me kinda bored. Wouldn’t it have been better for BB to let us figure this one out on our own? You know, maybe give us a little fun and excitement at home as we try to piece together the clues? No such luck; we learned last night that the teams were Ivette and Beau, Kaysar and Michael, Maggie and Eric, Sarah and James, Jennifer and April, and Rachel and Howie (Janelle was teamed with the ousted Ashlea).

If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go for Sarah and James — not because of the ridiculous finger sign they created to communicate their four-month-old ”love” for each other (speaking of romantic gestures, nothing hollers commitment more than those five magical words ”I love you too, jerk”). I’ll enjoy watching these two unravel because Sarah seems to have absolutely no interest in strategizing about the game; her only concern seems to be whether James will join Michael in trying to cop a feel.

Last note about this episode (reminder: we’ll run our weekly BB TV Watch after every eviction), and then I’m off to watch that dead-fat-girl episode of CSI. Those goofy mid-episode exchanges between Julie and the houseguests have got to go. Whenever the awkward Ms. Chen (sans the glitter, satin, and knee-length curls last night, but sporting those signature stilettos and a long belt with tassles — sassy!) turns to face the house monitor, I just brace myself for yet another meaningless Q&A session that will come with at least one uncomfortable pause. Why producers Arnie and Allison saw fit to keep this crap intact but did away with the old announcer and the brilliantly cheesy lounge music beats the heck outta me.

So what do you think? Do you want more or less Julie? Did the show reveal the secret pairs too early? What prompted CBS to briefly bleep out the sound when Janelle figured out she lost against Eric in the HOH competition? And was Julie hinting at the possibility that an ousted houseguest could return when she was interviewing Ashlea?

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