Far be it from me to question RuPaul’s knowledge of wigs, but…

On her always entertaining blog, the drag diva offers up some hair-raising opinions about Nicole Kidman’s ‘do — and her latest flick, Bewitched.

”Kidman never wears her own hair when she appears on film,” Ru claims. ”She always wears the finest human hair lace-front wigsmoney can buy. The pieces are always flawless, and my guess is thatRenata of Burbank is responsible for them. Too bad, then, that Renatadidn’t also write and direct Ms. Kidman’s latest film.” Ooh, suh-NAP!

”That’s absolutely crazy and complete wack,” says Carrie Gordon, Kidman’s publicist, who wasn’t about to let Ru spin such a yarn without comment. Gordon added that Kidman’s own locks have graced the silver screen on many an occasion.

Before there’s a rumble outside the girls’ room, let’s settle this fight. Which leggy stunner is working the fiercer coif in the accompanying photos? Ru? Or Nic? Or is it too close to call?