Bless you, Pope Benedict XVI, for helping to end our drought of Harry Potter news. Seems the new pope is not a Hogwarts fan. German author Gabriele Kuby, who denounces the entire J.K. Rowling series in her book Harry Potter — Good or Evil, is now touting on her website (in the original German here; badly translated by Google here) two letters of endorsement she received in 2003 from the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. (Say, there’s a new Potter book coming out this week, isn’t there? What a coincidence!)

Kuby, who apparently objects to Rowling’s positive portrayal of witchcraft and wizardry, quotes the cleric as saying, ”It is good that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because these are subtle seductions which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly.” Um, maybe he just means that the books are OK for adults… nah, probably not.

No doubt millions of readers around the world, now informed of the true danger of the Potterverse, will cancel their preorders of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and millions of books will be pulped and turned into cocktail napkins, to go with the coasters to be made from millions of Harry Potter DVDs. Also, we’ll have to toss all of Rowling’s audiobooks; after all, if you play the tapes backwards, you can hear Ozzy Osbourne tunes. Of course, the result will probably be a global economic collapse, but it will be in the service of a greater good.