Here’s a roundup of the newest trailers:

Shopgirl(Oct. 21): Based on Steve Martin’s novella, a department store salesclerk (Claire Danes) must choose between a wealthy, older suitor (Martin)or a younger, penniless one (Jason Schwartzman). I’m not sure from theclip whether the film will capture the delicate, wistful tone of thebook, though its shots of nocturnal L.A. suggest someone’s beenwatching a lot of Schwartzman’s cousin’s movie Lost in Translation.

9 Songs(July 22): A couple spend their time going to rock concerts and havingsex. The rock bands are real, and so is the sex. Alas,there’s nosmoking, snorting, or shooting up, so I don’t know if they make it atriumvirate of actual sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

The Aristocrats (opening July 29): Aided by judicious editing, famous comics tell the less filthy bits of a notoriously raunchy joke. You won’t believe your ears when the boys from South Park tell it. (Warning: The joke is very profane and very offensive, though it loses something when told by a little kid like Cartman, as even the animators seem to acknowledge.)

Waiting (Sept. 23): This looks like a movie strung together from the restaurant scenes in Office Space, only without Jennifer Aniston and her vest festooned with ”pieces of flair.” Instead, you get Ryan Reynolds (in Van Wilder mode) and some gross-out American Pie style teen comedy.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (Spring 2006): See it and be reminded of why you laughed at the first movie.