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How dependent on sequels and remakes is Hollywood? These are the ones that are in today’s news alone:

-While promoting The Island, Djimon Hounsou (left) is talking to reporters about possible Gladiator and Constantine sequels.

-His Island costar, Michael Clarke Duncan, is up for a reprise of his Sin City role in another installment of the Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez series.

-The Hollywood Reporter says Sony plans a second Hollow Man, another Road House, and a third I Know What You Did Last Summer.

-Speaking of summer, Paramount is remaking Mark Harmon‘s 1987 comedy Summer School.

Tyler Perry is currently directing a sequel to Diary of a Mad Black Woman, called Madea’s Family Reunion.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is turning his movie-to-stage musical Sunset Boulevard back into a movie, with Glenn Close reprising her Tony-winning Broadway role as Norma Desmond.

-The screenwriters behind Mission: Impossible 3 are also doing the Transformers movie.

-Finally, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph prints the rumor that, as soon as the smooth-scalped Kevin Spacey finishes playing Lex Luthor in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, he’ll grow back his hair to reteam with Singer for a Usual Suspects sequel. I don’t know whose behind this sudden outbreak of sequelitis, but I suspect it’s Keyser Soze.

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