Credit: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Orion/Kobal Collection

There’s nothing better than watching Keanu Reeves save mankind, best Death, and interact with nifty special effects — and all without the word Matrix ever appearing on screen. Reeves paired up with Alex Winter in 1988’s cult fave Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, traveling through time to meet historical figures like Napoléon ”short dead dude” Bonaparte, then followed with the slightly disappointing sequel Bogus Journey (originally titled Bill & Ted Go to Hell), which lacks the sweet goofiness of the original. EXTRAS Whoa! No Keanu. There is, however, a bodacious amount of bonus material in Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection, this three-disc set: an ep from the 1990 cartoon series voiced by the actors; an amusing air-guitar tutorial with Bjorn Turoque, the self-appointed ”second-best air guitarist in the world”; plus a ho-hum interview where co-writer Ed Solomon insists, ”Bill & Ted were never stoners.” But best of all is a behind-the-scenes featurette where we learn that Winter and Reeves have talked about a third Bill & Ted movie. And that would be most triumphant.