The fourth season of The Apprentice is almost done filming, but Donald Trump wants to juice up Season 5 with a new gimmick. ”To be honest, I wasn’t particularly happy with the most recent season,” he said on his syndicated radio show yesterday. ”So this time around, I wanted to do the casting myself.” Among the team templates he’s mulling is ”an idea that is fairly controversial — creating a team of successful African-Americans versus a team of successful whites. Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world.”

It’s not a new idea; Trump broached it before, back in April, during a visit to Howard Stern’s show. So at least we know he didn’t borrow the idea from ABC’s never-aired Welcome to the Neighborhood.

”Not everybody thinks it’s a good idea,” Trump said, though his rep acknowledged to’s Jeannette Walls that the idea is still on the table. But I’m sure PopWatch readers can come up with some equally appalling ideas for The Donald. C’mon, Trump really, really needs your help. No, seriously. The man needs help.

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