Well they didn’t get the 2012 Olympics, but at least Paris has landed hosting duties for the next season of The Bachelor. (Somewhere, Parisians are swigging Bordeaux and cursing us ugly Americans.)

The question is: Will a switch to the City of Light revive ABC’s dating franchise after back-to-back lackluster seasons starring dour Jen Schefft and party boy Charlie O’Connell. It can’t hurt, but I’m a tad concerned that ABC’s press release reads a bit like a cliché-riddled personal ad: ”The Bachelor in Paris will romance 25 beautiful Bachelorettes. The Bachelor‘s new playground offers numerous seductive possibilities with vast scenic panoramas, intimate bistros and mysteries lurking around every corner and side street.” Seductive possibilities? Yikes!

What the network needs to realize is that unlike the real estate mantra of ”location, location, location,” romance has a lot more to do with personality. So here are some tips for the show’s casting directors:

* Bachelor Jerry may have been telegenic, Bachelor Wendell may have been a hoot, and Bachelor Fabrice may have been, well, French, but no more also-rans from previous seasons as the star of the show, please (if only to avoid well-rehearsed speeches about ”taking journeys”).

* Desperate Housewives is fabulous. Desperate Bachelorettes, maybe not so much. Pick women with enough backbone to take themselves out of the game if they don’t connect with this season’s leading man.

* Work that Eiffel Tower. Heck, it served TomKat well.

* And last of all, you have our full support in using copious amounts of good, cheap French wine to create maximum drama at the bachelorette pad.

What’s your wish list for the upcoming Bachelor season? (Keep it clean, people!)