Want to be the next Carrie or Bo? You’re going to have about eight times as many chances to audition this year as in years past. USA Today is reporting that American Idol will hold auditions in 50 cities next summer instead of just six or seven. According to the paper, the first 500 fans at each town’s tryouts who meet all the criteria will get to perform in front of a live audience, and the top finishers will be fast-tracked through the regional auditions. (It’s not clear if the producers will lock the door on No. 501 and up, but really, can the system handle more than 25,000 potential William Hungs?) According to the Idol website, the plan for this summer is still for just six cities, with auditions planned in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Memphis, and San Diego, but the site also says the plans may change, so keep checking back.