Note to U.S. TV execs: I really need to see that! And by ”that,” I mean My Name is Kim Sam-soon, a new South Korean romantic drama that follows the life of a confident, chubby pastry chef who’s fed up with societal pressure to get hitched. According to the AP, the show has become a national sensation since its premiere last month, drawing a whopping 41.7 percent of viewers on a recent Thursday night.

While the show certainly sounds like it takes some inspiration from Bridget Jones’s Diary, and perhaps standup comic Judy Tenuta (at one point, Kim demands her rich, handsome boss drop to his knees and beg her to return to her job), it sure sounds more appealing than, say, another knockoff of CSI or Lost.

Here’s a crazy thought: Instead of churning out a watered-down American version of Kim Sam-soon, maybe one of the networks should buy the rights to the show and air it with subtitles on a Saturday night, when apparently no one watches television anyway. Am I on to something? Would you sample a Korean soap opera in primetime? Or has your Tivo already got a date with Cops for the next 52 Saturdays?