Missy Elliott

This weekend’s To-Do List is brought to you by the letter M.

Missy Elliott Can you smell what Missy is cooking? On her album The Cookbook (now in stores), the inventive rapper relies on a variety of producers (longtime collaborator Timbaland is in the kitchen with her on only two tracks), and the results are apparently mixed. Is this CD a smorgasbord or a case of too many cooks? Listen for yourself.

Monk In tonight’s season premiere, the brilliant Tony Shalhoub is back, and Jason Alexander’s pushing his buttons. The erstwhile George Costanza plays a rival sleuth who is Monk’s polar opposite, as slovenly as our hero is compulsively neat. Uncomfortable hilarity ensues. USA, 10 p.m.

MTV Can they do Live 8 right this time? It’s 10 hours of commercial-free (but probably not VJ-free, alas) highlights of last weekend’s mega-concert. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on VH1, then from 3 to 8 on MTV. Set your TiVo.

Mozart in the Jungle Blair Tindall’s gossipy memoir dispels the notion that classical musicians live lives that are any duller lives than rock & rollers. Also read Lydia Millet’s Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, an apocalyptic novel about the beginning (and end?) of the nuclear age. EW gives it an A-.

Murderball Fantastic Four and Dark Water don’t need your help. Though neither does quadriplegic rugby player Mark Zupan; he’s barrelling through just fine, thanks. Watching these guys play, now that’s clobberin’ time.