''Wedding Crashers'': Will Owen and Vince score? The actors hope to get their biggest reception yet with the raunchy, risky, R-rated comedy
Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, ...
Credit: Vaughn and Wilson Photograph by Gavin Bond

Suits wrinkled, shirttails peeking out, neckties undone, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson lean back on the steps of Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial in the cool twilight, swapping swigs from a bottle of bubbly. It’s well before sunrise in early May 2004, and they’re here in the nation’s capital shooting a new comedy called Wedding Crashers.

But right now there’s nothing very funny about it. The stars are exhausted, coldcocked by the one-two punch of jet lag and an uncomically early 3 a.m. wake-up call, and every indication points to one thing: They’d much rather be in bed.

As the sun comes up, it’s getting harder to focus. Jet planes roar overhead, causing multiple disruptions. A bus arrives with Lincoln Memorial sightseers, and before long four score and seven tourists are scampering about, snapping Instamatics of the monuments and seeking autographs from the movie stars who are just trying to make it through a few lines of dialogue before tumbling back into the sack.

Flash forward more than a year, and what started out as a buzz-free, moderately budgeted farce has emerged as the vehicle that could drive Wilson and Vaughn to the upper reaches of the Hollywood A list. Which is to say that the anxiety they encountered in Washington pales in comparison to what’s riding on them now. After all, it’s they who were specifically sought for the roles; it’s they who imbued the film with their signature styles of humor; it’s they whose mugs are now plastered on billboards, buses, and Budweiser ads; and it’s they who must pack the theaters.

Wedding Crashers
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