Unfaithfully Yours (Movie - 1948)


Unfaithfully Yours is Preston Sturges’ dissonant comedy about a symphony conductor who suspects his wife of an affair is primarily for his faithful disciples. Rex Harrison plays Sir Alfred De Carter, who imagines three ways to deal with her infidelity while he’s conducting a concert, each set to a classical work. Unfortunately, the imperious De Carter (based on Sturges, who wrote, directed, and produced) hectors people around him so arrogantly that his jealousy evokes little sympathy. Caustic insults alternate with tiresome slapstick and long stretches of music, and the laughs are spotty. The EXTRAS offer opinions on why it flopped: The audience failed to understand how funny it all was (Terry Jones in an appreciation); the scandalous suicide of Harrison’s real-life girlfriend added a morbid spin to the story (Diane Jacobs, one of three savvy commentators); it was badly marketed as a mystery, and there wasn’t much plot (from Sturges himself, as recalled by his widow, Sandy, in a new interview). Take your pick.

Unfaithfully Yours (Movie - 1948)
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