She wears a bouffant and calls a posh Upper East Side townhouse ”classy. . .like living at Caesars Palace.” So it’s no surprise that the flashy girl from Flushing — makeup lady-turned-nanny Fran Fine — finally comes to disc in The Nanny: The Complete First Season, a gaudily packaged set (leopard print, anyone?). The gap between boroughs has never been so obvious (”You. . .listed the Queen Mother as a reference?” asks wealthy Manhattanite Maxwell. ”No,” Fran replies, ”. . .that’s my mother from Queens”), and Drescher’s nasal whine — along with the machine-gun laugh that launched a thousand headaches — is in top form. But sadly, the EXTRAS are skimpier than Miss Fine’s outfits. A bland making-of featurette provides unenlightening tidbits (the kid actors think Drescher is, like, really cool), and notable cast members, like leading man Shaughnessy and Fran’s motormouth mom, Renee Taylor, are MIA. Drescher does provide commentary, but on only three episodes — out of 22! — and it’s yawn-inducing, with such sappy offerings as ”We had caught lightning in a bottle.” Oy!