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Majority Report

As a practicing clinical psychologist, I was shocked by the ignorance of Tom Cruise’s statements regarding psychiatry (”This Means War”). Obviously, it is the goal of psychologists and psychiatrists to work together to improve the well-being of patients (as I would assume is the goal of Scientology). Cruise is oversimplifying and generalizing from a minority of patients who are not helped by medications or therapy. Cruise should stick to his talents as an entertainer — making great movies, creatively promoting them, and getting his picture taken whenever possible.
Terre Haute, Ind.

Thank you, EW, for your candid interview with Tom Cruise. I’m a hardcore Tom Cruise fan — have been since before either of us became Scientologists. And yes, I am a Scientologist and very proud of that. I am so impressed with Cruise’s rock-solid personal integrity — to say what he knows is true, even in the face of criticism. We should wish that the people running our country had this same amazing strength of character.
Reston, Va.

Tom Cruise fights back? Against what? A successful career and box office clout? Give me a break. Cruise is a misinformed, egotistical blowhard whose Hollywood power has gone to his head. He uses urban legends and junk science to pass judgment on the medical choices of others, then berates those who dare to scrutinize his recent bizarre behavior. He claims not to care what other people think, but his four-letter-word-infused response is evidence to the contrary.

What an amazing article. Thank you for finally revealing ”the real Tom Cruise.” He’s dating someone practically young enough to be his daughter, he doesn’t care what the f— people say or think about him, and he is a faithful Scientologist who does a lot of preaching about the evils of psychiatric treatment. The way Cruise has been acting, he looks like he’s a prime candidate for psychiatric care.
Wayne, Mich.

Let me see if I got this right: By your own reader survey conducted before publishing your Tom Cruise edition, two-thirds of us like him less now (no telling how many didn’t like him already), and only one-third of us plan to see War of the Worlds, so you give him the cover and eight pages of copy? Must have been a slow entertainment news week.
San Jose, Calif.

Queen Anne

Anne Bancroft passes away with a film legacy that brought the female lead to a new dynamic not seen in film before, and what do you guys do for her (News & Notes)? One page, and no mention on the cover, but instead you have that creepy little man with his creepy little ideology. Bancroft deserved better and so did we.
Mason, Mich.