EW creates extras for ''Weekend at Bernie's'' -- With the lack of bonus material on the new DVD, we create our own set


Weekend at Bernie's

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Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy cavort with a corpse that water-skis, gets laid, and, more unbelievably, scores a sequel, and yet the only bonus on Weekend at Bernie’s is the trailer? Uh-uh. After mercilessly grilling Silverman, EW drummed up its own extras.

It was supposed to costar Silverman and Jon Cryer. ”They had us screen-test for both roles, so all we knew was that one of us would be playing [Richard] and the other would be playing [Larry], and we’d start shooting in a few weeks. I’m not sure what happened. Then it became me and Andrew.”

On that sex scene: ”This is me reading the script: ‘Who the f— is going to find this funny?’ But people did. And they found it endearing. . .Terry Kiser [Bernie] did something so clever: He died with a smirk on his face, which let the audience love him.”

”There’s a scene where I’m wheeling Bernie in a little red wagon, and his head is supposed to bounce up against the wood deck. Terry had cracked a rib in the first weeks of shooting, so I’m doing it gingerly. It’s starting to rain, and we’re losing sun, and Ted Kotcheff [who also directed First Blood] is up on top of this crane with a bullhorn screaming at me for being such a pansy. ‘Who cares about Terry’s broken rib?!”’

Gag Reel
”We were stuck on the ocean for hours at a time. Occasionally, we’d have to pee. In the dailies one day, there’s a special shot, without any dialogue or sound, of me p—ing off the side of the speedboat.”

Easter Egg
Where’s Bernie now? After traveling the world and spending two years in France, Kiser’s enjoying life on his Colorado ranch — and peddling a Bernie’s 3 script. ”I think there’s great potential,” he says. ”I still get busted every place I go. In the middle of an African safari, a guy says, ‘Bernie?”’

Weekend at Bernie's

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