''Domino'' blends fact and fiction -- The new Keira Knightly movie will come out sooner since its main character's real life counterpart, Domino Harvey, was found dead

With such heavy symbolism as a coin deciding characters’ fates and Beverly Hills, 90210 stars playing themselves, Tony Scott’s upcoming film about model-turned-bounty hunter Domino Harvey playfully blends truth with fiction. Even the trailer kicks off with a wink: ”Based on a true story. Sort of.”

Now the lines are about to blur even more. Harvey, 35, was found dead of undetermined causes on June 27 in the bathtub of her West Hollywood home. (Following recent charges of drug trafficking, an overdose has not been ruled out.) That won’t be included in the film since, as producer Samuel Hadida has insisted, it’s ”not intended as a biographical piece.” Indeed, distributor New Line Cinema says nothing about Domino will change except its release date, up to Aug. 19 from Nov. 4. Is that a Crow-like bid to capitalize on current events? Not at all. Rather, says New Line, it is to allow star Keira Knightley to be more available for promotion amid work on two Pirates of the Caribbean films. Which sounds like the truth. Sort of.

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