MOVIES Virginia Madsen is enjoying the post-Sideways boom she so deserves: She’s starting work this summer on Robert Altman’s adaptation of Garrison Keillor’s radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, in which she plays an angel (yes, literally). Then In the Shadow of Wings has her starring as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who loses her family in a plane crash in Africa. And then she’ll costar with another EW favorite, Tony Shalhoub, in Russian Blue. ”Where Sideways was all about wine, this movie is all about music,” she explains. ”And it’s the best script I’ve read since Sideways.” Consider the Deal Report sold. . . .Leonardo DiCaprio is in negotiations to star as a precious-gem smuggler in Warner Bros.’ Sierra Leone-set thriller The Blood Diamond. . . .Regina Hall (Scary Movie) and Craig Bierko (Cinderella Man) are joining Marisa Tomei in bringing the psychic-chick trend from TV (Medium) to the big screen in Danika, a psychological thriller about a woman who has premonitions of death and disaster. Bierko will play Tomei’s husband, and Hall will portray her shrink — a role that requires some in-depth research. ”I went and talked to psychiatrists,” Hall says. ”I’m getting a lot of free therapy.”

TELEVISION Ian Holm is upgrading from hobbit to pontiff. The Lord of the Rings star will take on the lofty role of the late Pope John Paul II in an upcoming CBS biopic. . . .Having just popped out her second kid, Angie Harmon is getting back to work — in NBC’s fall drama Inconceivable, a show about a fertility clinic. Her by-the-book doctor will clash with Jonathan Cake’s cocky M.D. — and she’ll be sticking around for only a mommy-friendly 12-episode arc. ”Jonathan’s character is all about getting the glory, and my character is about getting her patients pregnant,” she says. And her research is a tad tougher than Regina Hall’s: ”It’s not like I can just go into a fertility clinic without anyone noticing. People will be like, ‘My God, the woman just gave birth. Hasn’t she had enough?”’