Could mainstream success be getting John Waters down? Cry-Baby, the jailhouse-rockin’ tribute to ’50s juvie movies may be set to follow Hairspray onto Broadway, but before it does, Waters has retouched its Technicolor with a spattering of filth. Don’t worry: Depp’s lachrymose rockabilly cat still rules the roost. EXTRAS There’s nothing overtly scandalous in the seven restored minutes — the squares drop trou, Traci Lords gets kidnapped by a basement pornographer, a little girl bends herself into a human wheel. But they’re off-color enough to tip the balance in the greasers’ favor. Plus, two far-reaching featurettes expose Johnny Depp as having two left feet and reveal that the cast traded jailbird stories to make former porn star Lords feel at home: Asked Amy Locane of costar Patricia Hearst, ”So, what were you arrested for?”