Further proof that Morgan Freeman is God: He’s seen the future of movies, and it’s simultaneous theatrical and online distribution. The Oscar-winning actor has announced that his company, ClickStar, will begin making movies available online for purchase or rental to watch at home (or on the road with your handheld) the same day they’re released to the multiplex. That’s something Hollywood has been reluctant to do so far, out of fear of loss of revenue from both piracy and the ever-shrinking window between a film’s theatrical and DVD release. But Freeman’s venture is backed by investor Intel, which must think people will buy more PCs with its chips if they can get movies safely and legally online. No word on when ClickStar’s service will become available, or whether any studio outside the indie sphere will rush to release its movies this way.

Does this sound like a service you would use? Does this mean that only the ‘Net-deprived will go see movies in theaters anymore?