Lots of news today from the world of reality TV:

-Tonight’s the Dancing with the Stars finale. Who will it be? John O’Hurley or Kelly Monaco? And what will we obsess over for the rest of the summer?

-Get ready for the second season of MTV’s Laguna Beach by watching this trailer, full of soapy spoilers. No, it’s not a spoof; they really are that self-absorbed.

Big Brother 6 (left), which premieres Thursday, is going digital with a vengeance. Besides the usual streaming video surveillance camera footage from the house, the ”House Calls” talk show, and the ”Big Brother Fantasy League” contest, the head of household will also get a blog and a digital camera for posting news and photos of the housemates online.

-Another interactive innovation from CBS: play-along poker tournaments, coming this Christmas. Because nothing says Yuletide like betting it all on a straight flush.

-Pauly Shore’s new reality show, Minding the Store, comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t laugh at the July 17 premiere, TBS will send you a dollar. Personally, I’d say you’d have to pay me a lot more than a dollar to watch Pauly Shore. Unless they’re re-running Bio-Dome. Now, that was funny.

-Sick of all these programs? Invent your own, using All Day Coffee’s reality show premise generator. It’s pretty hilarious, unless you’re Anthony Edwards. Why is this site making fun of poor Goose?

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